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Bug with keyboard layout

There seems to be a bug with loader not passing the keyboard layout to
anaconda when we do a kickstart install in text mode.  It is quite
surprising to get asked for the keyboard layout a second time!  This bug
was not present in 7.2, but is in 7.3.  I've tried it from the graphical
install and this also doesn't seem to have the problem.

We send out a customized install CD to our office around the world, so
it is important for us to be able to leave certain details out of the
kickstart file and have the user prompted for them during the install...

If there is anything I can send or test to help you debug this, I'm more
than willing.  Just let me know.


Matt Phillips <matt phillips c ict om org>
ICT-Carlisle, Operation Mobilisation

Public PGP Key: http://moses.om.org/~mattp/gpg.asc

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