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Customized installation based upon redhat

Hello List members,

We work on some 5-6 different types of servers and i
want to create a Custom Installer , based upon Redhat
7.3 and future to do installations on these machines.

Let me explain a little more about what i would want
to do.This is what i was doing earlier.I was
installing redhat on a machine (lets say model A,
where we have models A...E),now i would build a custom
kernel for it since my hardware is fixed , build a
rootdisk/ramdisk, create a total tarball of the enitre
system, and put these on the CD. then i was using
systeminstaller to get these onto a machine.I was
using grub to boot.So this method actually gave me the
distribution/installer which i needed(based upon RH
7.3 of course).but i was not satisified with the
tarball theory.

I came across a document
which says that i can create custom installer using

My question to the list is , can i create custom
installations based upon redhat packages and some
kernel stuff of my own(patches, etc) , and using
hardware probing (from /proc/ i guess ) create a CD
which would recognise the model-(a..E)and then install
a certain set of resources on to the machine.Can
anaconda and kickstart help me with this?

Now i am writing my own scripts to do the things and i
think if i can re-use anaconda it would be wonderful.I
need to understand how anaconda works? is there some
docs on that?

I am still learning and i hope that i can use anaconda
(GPL?).Any basic inputs from the list shall be greatly



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