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Re: mk-images script

Carl Sychowski wrote:
I am making a custom distribution for my company which will include all
the latest errata and customized packages to include company specific
configuration files. These are installed via a kick-start NFS server.

Now I have been given a new machine who's nic is not supported with the
current driver set for the boot images. I do have a copy of the updated
nic driver and have placed and rebuilt the kernel RPMS but now I need to
make new boot images. I thought that easiest method would be to run the
mk-images script.

Here is my question:

What are the definitions of the parameters to be passed to mk-images:

Specifically the :
pkgsrc(KERNELPATH)	Is this the path to the kernel source?
toplevel(TOPDESTPATH) 	Im guess the top level of the dist on Harddisk?
template(INSTIMAGPATH)	Maybe the stageinstall images?

The buildarch and version are simple enough for me to understand ;)

Take a look at buildinstall. Search for mk-images and you'll find an example. It would seem wiser to simply do the whole build from scratch following Tony Nugent's HOWTO:



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