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Re: Anacond 7.3.94 comps

On Thu Sep 19 2002 at 14:52, Panu Matilainen wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Sep 2002, John wrote:

John S?  (Been wondering about that:)

> > Alright you RedChaps. What tools do we use to examine and modify the flash new
> > comps files?
> >
> > I've installed (null) Everything, and I don't see anything in the anaconda
> > packages.
> >
> > Surely there's something better then ed.

(ed?  Goodness me John, you really must be a hardcore traditional
unix geek :-)

> Been wondering about the same thing.. The first part of the comps.xml
> *could* be simply hand edited but I'm having really hard time believing
> somebody wrote all the package dependencies there manually :)


One of the major problems with anaconda has been the distinct lack
of documentation about all its bit'n'pieces and how to use it all.

In the end, frustration with this sad state of affairs is what
spurred me to write my now "infamous" installer howto... it has
amazed me just how much it is being used by all sorts of people.
Almost to my embarrassment, it has just about become the "definitive
documentation" for using anaconda to build customised installations.
(For those very few who aren't aleady aware of it by now...

So now I see (err, read) that things are changing again.  That's
fine, but if this complete absence of documentation still persists,
then I'm sure that it won't make anyone out here very happy at all.

Especially not me, since I'll need to do a total rewrite of that
howto (or at least, create a new one for the next distro release).
And to get to that point, I'll first have to (once again) spend a
fair bit of time and effort nutting out how to handle all the

I'm not particularly thrilled at the prospect of becoming a
long-term "redhat installer howto" maintainer -- especially since I
am in no way involved with its in-house development.  For me, it is
more of a hobby and something I like doing (although I did do this
in a previous job), rather than having anything to do with paid
employment (and many others have been using my efforts in _their_
paying jobs, heh, not that I mind at all).

I believe that providing documentation for anaconda is RedHat's
responsibility, not mine (yes, RESPONSIBILITY!)  Not unless they
offer to pay me for the time and effort to write it for them :)

So please all you good redhat folks ("RedChaps":), don't you think
it is about time to include some DECENT documentataion with the
anaconda package in the next major release?


> 	- Panu -

Ok thanks everyone... I've got this off my chest and I feel better
now :-)


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