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Re: Anacond 7.3.94 comps

On Fri, 2002-09-20 at 11:30, Tony Clayton wrote:
> Is the latest available code for anaconda always available at
> ftp://rawhide.redhat.com, and if I were to submit sensible patches against
> this SRPM (currently anaconda-7.3.96) are they likely to be considered?

It's generally pretty close at least.  And patches are always considered
-- preferably via bugzilla because it's easier to track that way.
> My main fear right now is that I'm patching 7.3, which is outdated, and
> that you guys won't even consider any patches if they don't apply directly
> to the latest development stream.

*shrug*  If it's a useful patch, then I generally don't mind too much
porting it forward to a more current codebase.  Taking a patch that was
against 7.3 and applying it to the current rawhide stuff generally isn't
that bad (unless it's significant UI changes), but as you go further
back to 7.2 or before, it gets harder and harder to massage and remember
what all has changed.



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