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RHAS buildinstall libssl.so.2 problem

Hello, there guys,
I'm trying to build customized installation for RHAS 2.1 which is based on 7.2.
I've upgraded the packages and generated hdlist files - installation now works perfectly with NFS.
When I'm trying to run buildinstall, except the regular messages about mkfontdir and "Scrubbing trees ...", I'm getting error that

libssl.so.2 can not be found: no such fuile or directory

If ignoring the message the script continues till the end, but after booting from CD, same message appearing and the install quits.
I tired to rebuild openssl and openssl096 packages, so the libssl.so.2 will be available, but the best I could get, is getting warning message on freshly installed mashine, that :

ldconfig: libssl.so.2 is not a symbolic link.
ldconfig: libcrypto.so.2 is not a symbolic link.

But the mashine is working now, except the warning messages every time ldconfig is runned.

Anyone here to help, may be even someone can help to rebuild openssl RPMs in the working way ...

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