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Roll my own distro with RH8 or 9?


In our older internal releases, we build our own RPMS directory and
generated the comps using an internal script "build_ks" (part of the
kickstart-tools.sf.net project).  In order to do the same with RH 8.0 or
9, I believe the following is necessary; please confirm.

A comps.xml.in file should be generated with the groups we require.  The
<name> and <description> tags should be named <_name> and
<_description>.  Then comps.xml.in should be run through the "make"
included in comps.tar.gz such that all the po files replace the names
and descriptions with the proper languages.

Once a comps.xml file is generated without the <packages> tag, the
/usr/share/comps-extras/getfullcomps.py comps.xml command should be run
to generate a new full comps.xml file which contains the <groups>,
<grouphierarchy> and <packages> tags.

Is this correct or is there a better way for us to roll our own internal

Thanks for any ideas.


       Brian Long                      |         |           |
       Americas IT Hosting Sys Admin   |       .|||.       .|||.
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