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Customizing anaconda installation screens and pictures


I just successfully rolled my own Red Hat 9 installation CD! Excellent
process, great work!

Anyway, now that I have the packages, etc. worked out, I would like to know:

1. How can I replace the Red Hat logos/pictures with my own?

2. How can I alter the installation screens?

For instance, the CD is for server installations only, so I would like
to alter the installation screen so that the options for Workstation,
Personal, etc. installs are not available (only option should be
server). Also, since it is a straight server install CD with no X
Window, how can I remove the X configuration screen at the end of the
install? Since all but English language support has been removed, how
can I remove all of the other language install options?

I've altered the comps.xml file to my liking, but apparently it does not
control the options listed above. Furthermore, documentation on these
aspects seems to be sparse. Could some one please point me in the right
direction? Either to www docs or with an explaination of what to do...

Thank you in advance to all who reply.


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