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kickstart cdrom install does not work

Hi all,

I'm trying to kickstart install from CDROM.  I burned
my own CD distribution then created a kickstart
diskette.  However, when I try to install from cdrom,
it goes to interactive mode and I have to manually
choose the language settings, etc.  Looking at virtual
console 3, I saw the following error:

  no install method specified for kickstart

However, I do have the cdrom entry in my ks.cfg file:

  #Install Red Hat Linux instead of upgrade

I read somewhere that there is a bug in Redhat
versions lower than 8 which prevents kickstart to
install through cdrom correctly.  Anyone know if this
is fixed and if there is any workaround to this?  Do
you think this may be my problem or is it something

I am using Redhat Advanced Server 2.1 and



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