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Re: kickstart cdrom install does not work

NOTE: There's a seperate mailinglist for kickstart questions on redhat:
kickstart-list redhat com

> I'm trying to kickstart install from CDROM.  I burned
> my own CD distribution then created a kickstart
> diskette.  However, when I try to install from cdrom,
> it goes to interactive mode and I have to manually
> choose the language settings, etc.  Looking at virtual
> console 3, I saw the following error:
>   no install method specified for kickstart
How do you boot?
    From CD or from the floppy?
How do you start the installer?
    Do you run `linux ks=floppy` when you boot, or just hit enter?
Where is your kickstart file?
    Did you place it on the CD, or on the floppy?

If have have a bootable CD-Rom, the ks.cfg needs to be in the diskimage
that's burned onto the CD's boot sector.
If you boot form floppy, it needs to be there.

> I read somewhere that there is a bug in Redhat
> versions lower than 8 which prevents kickstart to
> install through cdrom correctly.  Anyone know if this
> is fixed and if there is any workaround to this?  Do
> you think this may be my problem or is it something
> else?

Kickstart CD's have worked fine for me for the last year atleast, same for
quite some other people on this list.


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