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Re: "halt" option to kickstart in addition to "reboot"

Gene Hightower wrote:
I've got a bunch of identical systems that I'll be installing.  I've
put together an install CD that works without any user interaction.
User interaction is bad for me because there is no keyboard, mouse or
display attached to the machines.

I'd like to plop the CD in the drive, turn the box on, and turn it off
when the install is done.

Unfortunately, kick-start seems to offer only two options at the end
of the install.  The default is to wait for a keystroke before
rebooting.  Not good, as I can't tell when the install is done.

The other choice is to add the "reboot" option to the kick-start
config file.  This option is not so good because it ends up ejecting
the CD at the end of the install, then rebooting, which causes the CD
to get sucked back in and used as the boot device--which starts the
install all over again.  You have about 10 seconds to grab the disk to
avoid this endless cycle.

What I need is a "halt" option.  It should eject the CD and halt the
box without rebooting.  It should just sit there, so it can be turned
off safely.

I started to take a look at the python code but discovered that I
don't know enough python to make much sense of things, so I thought
I'd ask all you smart people on this list.

A quick look at the anaconda source code shows that loader/init.c contains the code. The last few lines define what to do is doReboot is defined. You could comment out the USE_MINILIBC line and try replacing it with:

reboot(0xfee1dead, 672274793, 0xcdef0123);

(untested! I just looked at the code in /usr/include/sys/reboot.h)

or just leave the USE_MINILIBC reboot line commented and let it try RB_HALT_SYSTEM.



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