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Re: "halt" option to kickstart in addition to "reboot"

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, Taylor, ForrestX wrote:

> Gene Hightower wrote:
> > I've got a bunch of identical systems that I'll be installing.  I've
> > put together an install CD that works without any user interaction.
> > User interaction is bad for me because there is no keyboard, mouse or
> > display attached to the machines.
> > 
> > I'd like to plop the CD in the drive, turn the box on, and turn it off
> > when the install is done.
> > 
> > Unfortunately, kick-start seems to offer only two options at the end
> > of the install.  The default is to wait for a keystroke before
> > rebooting.  Not good, as I can't tell when the install is done.
> > 
> > The other choice is to add the "reboot" option to the kick-start
> > config file.  This option is not so good because it ends up ejecting
> > the CD at the end of the install, then rebooting, which causes the CD
> > to get sucked back in and used as the boot device--which starts the
> > install all over again.  You have about 10 seconds to grab the disk to
> > avoid this endless cycle.
> > 
> > What I need is a "halt" option.  It should eject the CD and halt the
> > box without rebooting.  It should just sit there, so it can be turned
> > off safely.
> > 
> > I started to take a look at the python code but discovered that I
> > don't know enough python to make much sense of things, so I thought
> > I'd ask all you smart people on this list.
> A quick look at the anaconda source code shows that loader/init.c 
> contains the code.  The last few lines define what to do is doReboot is 
> defined.  You could comment out the USE_MINILIBC line and try replacing 
> it with:
> reboot(0xfee1dead, 672274793, 0xcdef0123);
> (untested!  I just looked at the code in /usr/include/sys/reboot.h)
> or just leave the USE_MINILIBC reboot line commented and let it try 

RB_POWER_OFF looks better to me. 

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