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Re: anaconda book

Anyone who wanted to do a customised CDROM.
There are tons of companies in India, which have large Setups and they are
all moving from microsoft to Linux.
However the admin in these places would go nuts trying to install the The
same setup in all the places. Kicstart is there, but this would be
great,since they would like
to have a customised installation on 1 CD.
That is one area.
Other area is companies wanting to deliver Linux solutions to the market.
They would like to have customised CD ROMS on top of which thier software
would sit.(Cyberoam,elitecore...etc...)
Another area is those who want to setup linux on small P100 machines, where
the default redhat installation is much more than what would fit on a
P100. Such people would like to do a small install rather than moving to LFS
or another distro.
I feel there would be a market. Many people are not even trying since there
is no documentation on anaconda.....


"The linuX Files -- The Source is Out There."
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> On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 15:35, Keith Fernandez wrote:
> > Hi Anaconda Gurus,
> >
> > Has anyone of you thought of writing a book on Anaconda & Kickstart
> > ....
> > I am sure it would make a lot of money and we wouldnt have to bother
> > you guys then.
> > I am sure you gurus would like this ;-)
> > Seriously why dosent someone do it...
> Kickstart makes some sense, but the number of Anaconda hackers is pretty
> limited.. I'm not sure it is worth the effort :\
> Mind you, I would love to see a more complete source of developers
> documentation...
> -Dan
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