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Re: Porting the Psyche Install for Special Hardware

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On Monday 10 February 2003 11:57 am, Matt Howell wrote:
> I looked at the /usr/share/doc/anaconda-8.0/command-line.txt parameters
> list, and I do not see "noapic" on the list?  If this really is a
> parameter, where would I find a complete list of anaconda parameters?

It's a kernel parameter, not an anaconda parameter. A partial list is

Also, see /usr/src/linux-2.4/Documentation/kernel-parameters.txt

> I tried any number of parameters together from the command-line list,
> still without luck.  A coworker was able to get 8.0 running on his same
> model laptop by taking a drive from another box (with RH8 already
> installed) and booting it with a recompiled kernel. I would like to get
> install CDs together, though, so that I can support similar hardware
> with my clients. Looking through Toshiba's forums, it looks like a lot
> of people are having similar problems.
> If anyone has a good grasp of how the kernel is built for the anaconda
> installations, I would find any contributions helpful.  My next step is
> to pick through the python code to see if I can figure out where the
> kernel is created.

The installer's kernel comes from the kernel-BOOT rpm package. At build
time, it is extracted from the rpm package.

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