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Re: kernel upgrade/ kickstart question

Panu Matilainen wrote:
On 13 Feb 2003, Jeremy Katz wrote:

On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 03:44, Panu Matilainen wrote:

Note that while you can do this, it breaks kudzu to some extent (been
there, done that...). At the postinstall stage kudzu probes for USB and
sound at least, the problem is it tries to locate kernel modules for its
findings from /lib/modules/<version of running kernel>/ path and if the
versions differ it fails, resulting in things like USB mouse working at
install time but not on the first boot before you manually add "alias
usb-controller.." to /etc/modules.conf etc. Kudzu from rawhide can be told
where to look for the modules so you could patch anaconda to make kudzu look for your actual kernel version.

In fact, the option was added to kudzu for just this reason and anaconda from rawhide takes advantage of it :)

That wasn't so hard to guess after seeing this topic rise quite often lately :)

I'm still kinda confused. So if I wanted to include the latest kernel in the tree, I also need to include the latest kernel-BOOT.rpm?
Do I still need to add Kudzu from rawhide or anaconda?


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