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RPM Installation Ordering

Howdy --

Anaconda newbie, here -- been studying the docs/source
(pkgorder, rpmmodule.c, depends.c, etc) to follow the
process of establishing bootstrap install RPM ordering.
Having trouble, though, reconciling an observation to
the code.

Installing "minimal" 8.0 (largely only Core, Base, Dial-up comps)
yields this RPM install order on my system (from /root/install.log
as well as rpm -qa --last):

1. glibc-common
2. hwdata
3. redhat-menus
4. setup
5. filesystem
6. basesystem
  ..... (so on) ......

Some docs speak of how basesystem should be the first
installed, and its dependence (noted in comps file) on
filesystem and in turn setup seems to make the order of
4, 5, and 6 make sense.

However, looking over comps and basesystem, I'm missing
why 1, 2, and 3 in particular would install first.

Any pointers?

Thanks much.

Joe Bezouska
ATIS UNIX/Linux Server Engineering

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