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Re: RPM Installation Ordering

mattdm mattdm org wrote:
>On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 11:46:12AM -0600, joseph r bezouska accenture com
>> >> 1. glibc-common
>> >> 2. hwdata
>> >> 3. redhat-menus
>> >> 4. setup
>> >> 5. filesystem
>> >> 6. basesystem
>> Thanks -- long term, a custom CD is likely the goal.
>> Short term, it's curiousity about what is "sepcial"
>> about these 3.
>Simple -- basesystem requires setup and filesystem, so those go before
>glibc-common, hwdata, and redhat-menus don't require anything at all, so
>there's no particular reason to order them anywhere special, so first is
>good as any.
>> Why these and not, just for sake of example,
>> say bdflush?
>bdflush requires glibc.
>Matthew Miller           mattdm mattdm org        <http://www.mattdm.org/>
>Boston University Linux      ------>                <http://linux.bu.edu/>

thanks very much -- this makes good sense.
some simple tests bore it out:

added the following carefully selected RPMs to
the 8.0 Base/Core install, making sure they were
on CD #1:

- modutils-devel  (req's nothing; nothing in Base whatreq's)
- gnome-vfs2      (req's the following)
- gnome-mime-data (req's nothing; above whatreq's)

[ BTW, great thanks to anaconda-runtime's pkgorder
  utility for finding this last one -- seems the
  only one like that on CD #1 besides glibc-common,
  hwdata, and redhat-menus -- better than churning
  manually thru comps ]

1. modutils-devel installs (nearly) last

2. gnome-mime-data floats up and installs (in alpha
   order) first right along with the original RPMs
   of question:

     1. glibc-common
     2. gnome-mime-data
     3. hwdata
     4. redhat-menus
     5. setup
     6. filesystem
     7. basesystem

so, stuff with no req's and with no whatreq's float
down to the bottom (naturally), while stuff with no
req's but with whatreq's float way up to top (even
before basesystem, which I did not expect and was
tripping me up).

good that Red Hat Linux observes Occam's Razor,

thanks again.

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