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adding e1000 module to installer

Hello list,

I am trying to get a Red Hat 7.3 based installer to detect and configure an Intel PRO/1000 NIC during install (the e1000.o module).

Currently the NIC is not detected during install, but is found by kudzu after the first reboot.

Upon extracting module-info, modules.dep, modules.cgz and pcitable from stage2.img i have found that it appears as though support for the NIC is already included. I have drawn this conclusion after finding the following:

In modules.cgz:

In module-info:
"Intel EtherExpress/1000 gigabit"

In pcitable:
0x8086 0x1000 "e1000" "Intel Corp.|82542 Gigabit Ethernet Controller"
**and six more lines mapping similar device IDs to the e1000 module.

I do not understand why the Intel gigabit card is not supported during install. The only thing that I can think of is that the driver packed into modules.cgz does not work properly with the cards that I have tried. But even that sounds a little strange!?! 

Could anyone please tell me if my assumption about e1000 support already being included in the installer is correct?

Could anyone please tell me how I may update the e1000 module in the installer?

I have attempted a procedure similar to the one described at http://public.planetmirror.com/pub/ibiblio/docs/HOWTO//other-formats/html_single/KickStart-HOWTO.html#s9 with no success. Perhaps I got it worng. 

Thanks in advance.

Matthew Richards

Email: matthew richards opensystems com au

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