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Install to ataraid/d0 (Promise PDC20267) fails


I have Intel S845WD1-E with FastTrak 100 (PDC 20267) onboard.
Two hard disks (hde and hdg) in the Mirror (RAID-0) mode.

To install Trustix 2.0 TP-2 (anaconda 7.2) via ftp I remade installation
disk (replaced kernel with build-in pdc20xx module).
The ataraid has detected by kernel (also I pass ide2=... and ide3=... to
kernel boot parameters), /dev/ataraid/d0* added to ramdisk.

Next is I remade netstg1.img.
I want to be able to make partitioning via Disk Druid directly on ataraid/d0
device. So I patched anaconda/isys/{devnodes|probe}.c from v.8.0.
But currently Disk Druid (from my patched netstg1.img) has seen only two
separated devices (hde, hdd).
Also (at shell prompt on tty2) I can do partitioning by
fdisk /dev/ataraid/fd0
I have flash ide (/dev/hda1) to boot kernel from (and grub installed at).

That's why I think that the problem is inside anaconda.

What should I do to fix it?
Any hints/urls/ideas are welcome.

Pls reply to me directly, I'm not in the anaconda-devel-list.

Nick Fedchik, FNM3-RIPE(UANIC)
Internet Dept./ISP UkrSat, Kiev, Ukraine
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