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Re: Using buildinstall on the new beta

Beta anaconda's have always been a bit buggy; Are you sure thats not the cause of this to fail? Does it work without modifications?

As a posible work-around i would try to use -Os for all relevant compiles.. might give you the headroom you need

Taylor, ForrestX wrote:

I am trying to get Phoebe beta 3 to install on one of the infamous L440GX+ motherboards. Red Hat changed the way that they were dealing with these boards, and are now checking for specific BIOS versions. I happen to have the latest BIOS, which they didn't have in the file as a 440GX board. The fix was to add the BIOS number to the dmi_scan.c file and rebuild the kernel. That seems to work fine.

The problem is that when I rebuild the disc area using buildinstall, nearly all of the images fail with:

gunzip: stdin: unexpected end of file

It looks like the image files are running out of room. First of all, why would adding 5 lines to the dmi_scan.c file result in all of the image files becoming too large? Second, any ideas on what I can do for a temporary fix?



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