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Re: kickstart kernel replaced -> new partitions not mounted..?

Cool! This is very helpful.

I'm booting the machines over PXE, though--do I need to update the netstg*.img
files instead? I copied the modules.cgz from my PXE initrd.img file (since it
seems that their contents need to be identical) but still got the same
disk space error.

Thanks for the help,

>From Werner Puschitz <wp puschitz com>, Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 02:42:08PM -0500:
> You also need to upgrade the modules in stage.img on your Kickstart 
> server. Otherwise it can't load other modules like ext3, etc.
> Run lsmod and you probably see that ext3, jbd haven't been loaded.
> Because of that it can't format the disks and you get the error message
> that you don't have enough disk space.
> Check out my procedure at:
> http://www.puschitz.com/Kickstart.shtml
> Werner

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