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Re: my attempt at really terse docs for building a custom distro

On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

> Add, delete, replace RPMs under RedHat/RPMS.
> **** Branding your distribution
>   As it stands, if you modify the stock Red Hat distro, it's 
> probably a good idea to brand it with a name other than "Red
> Hat".  
>   Once you pick a cool, new name, you can rebrand by installing
> the anaconda src RPM, hacking the source, changing all references
> to "Red Hat" to your new name, rebuilding that RPM, and replacing
> the stock anaconda RPM with it.  Details to follow at the end for 
> the more ambitious.

There was a fairly lengthy discussion about this matter on this list
very recently. You'd do well to read it.

Short summary: if you want to sell copies of "Red Hat Linux" you cannot
a. You're a LUG
b. You sell boxed sets.
c. You have a licence to use RH trademarks.

You can sell copies of RHL, modified or not, provided you don't call it
Red Hat Linux or (I think) say "It contains RHL" or similar. See the
trademark guidelines pointed to by the EULA.

Someone pointed out that the RedHat logs are not GPL, but my reading of
their description is that you can use them in software sourced from RH
provided that you don't modify them.

I've not investigated the amount of royalties RH might want for use of
its trademarks.

Please, reply only to the list.

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