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confused about explanation of getfullcomps.py utility

  yes, i'm still keen on understanding this process completely,
and i'm reading the RedHat-CD-HOWTO, which seems a bit confusing.

  if you're interested, i'm looking at

section, "Update the comps.xml file"

  if you read the instructions, it syggests downloading the
comps-8.0.tar.gz tarball, installing comps-extras and doing the
next several instructions.

  however, if i try this without making any changes (which
should work), i get a number of CRITICAL ERRORs.  without 
getting into that just yet, i'm baffled by the call to the
"getfullcomps.py" utility, which is called with an argument
of "comps.xml".  is that a typo?  *what* comps.xml file?
there is no comps.xml file in this directory yet, since the
whole purpose of this process is to *build* one.
  based on this section, it seems clear that the eventual
comps.xml file is generated only toward the end and finally
copied into your build tree.

  so is that argument name an error?  and is there somewhere
an official doc on this process?  thanks.


Robert P. J. Day, RHCE, RHCI
Eno River Technologies, Inc.
Unix, Linux and Open Source training

	Chapel Hill, NC
	Waterloo, ON.


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