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Re: confused about explanation of getfullcomps.py utility

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Panu Matilainen wrote:

> On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> > 
> >   yes, i'm still keen on understanding this process completely,
> > and i'm reading the RedHat-CD-HOWTO, which seems a bit confusing.
> > 
> >   if you're interested, i'm looking at
> >   
> >   www.tldp.org/HOWTO/RedHat-CD-HOWTO/include-updates.html
> > 
> > section, "Update the comps.xml file"
> > 
> >   if you read the instructions, it syggests downloading the
> > comps-8.0.tar.gz tarball, installing comps-extras and doing the
> > next several instructions.
> > 
> >   however, if i try this without making any changes (which
> > should work), i get a number of CRITICAL ERRORs.  without 
> > getting into that just yet, i'm baffled by the call to the
> > "getfullcomps.py" utility, which is called with an argument
> > of "comps.xml".  is that a typo?  *what* comps.xml file?
> > there is no comps.xml file in this directory yet, since the
> > whole purpose of this process is to *build* one.
> The purpose of getfullcomps.py is not to generate a comps.xml for you but
> to generate the dependency information at the end of the final comps.xml.  
> You need a "template" comps.xml (comps-milan.xml in the comps tarball)
> which has all the "this package belongs to this group and is installed by
> default" stuff listed in it and then you run getfullcomps.py against the 
> template .. which you then append to the final comps.xml. Messy? Oh yes...

sorry, that still doesn't answer my question.  if you go to the
web page i list above, section, one of the commands run
is "getfullcomps.py":

  $ /usr/share/comps-extras/getfullcomps.py comps.xml \
     /abs-path-to-toplevel-dir i386 >> comps-tmp.xml

note the reference to the file "comps.xml" in the first line.
*which* comps.xml file?  what does this argument represent?
the whole purpose of this section of code is to generate
an *eventual* comps.xml file, so how can it refer to an
*existing* file as part of the process?

what does that argument mean?  or is it a typo?  am i making
more sense now?  the rest of it i can deal with.


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