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how does one create a new comps.xml file?

  i'm basing this on the doc for "Editing comps.xml" at

  if you read the section "Generating the full comps
file", the first bullet point refers to a tarball called
"comps-8.0.tar.gz" you can download that *allegedly*
contains the master version of the comps file.  ok ...
that tarball contains two relevant files:  

and running "make" generates the second file from the
first one.  so i'm assuming that that second file is 
considered to be the master comps file.  more to the point,
it does not contain package information, which appears to
agree with the hint listed that you should "maintain your
master comps file without this information".  so far, so
good.  this suggests that, if one needs to start building
a new comps file, this master version represents a good
starting point, right?

  now, the second bullet point says to run the command:

  # getfullcomps.py comps.xml /path/to/tree arch

which is where the trouble starts.  note the reference to a
file called "comps.xml".  given that there is, in this tarball,
no file called "comps.xml", which file is this referring to?
weirdly, the online docs state that this file must *already*
exist in your Red Hat installation tree in its proper location.

  but that's silly.  given that the whole point of this
exercise is to generate a new comps.xml file, it seems
absurd to have, as a prerequisite, that you must already
have a file by that name in the eventual destination
location -- that is, in /fullpath/i386/RedHat/base/comps.xml.

  but, sure enough, it has to be there.  if it isn't,
the getfullcomps.py pgm blows up with a python traceback.

  so, in a nutshell, this is frustrating/confusing for a
number of reasons:

1) which file is considered to be the "master version" of
   the comps file?  is it the one that can be created from
   the contents of the tarball?

2) why does the getfullcomps.py program require a pre-existing
   comps.xml file as a pre-requisite for creating a new one?

3) why doesn't the same program at least exit gracefully if
   that file doesn't exist, rather than bursting into flame
   with a python traceback?


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