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Re: faster anaconda development cycle?

On Wed, Jan 15, 2003 at 01:08:35PM -0500, Masoud Sharbiani <masouds oeone com> wrote:
> Is there a faster approach (other than buying the latest and fastest 
> processor/workstation) to decrease this time?
> thanks in advance,
> Masoud

I'm in a similar boat; I've been customizing anaconda since the ~7.0 days.
Most of the changes I've made are just text UI changes, and those I can
test from build directory.  I haven't touched 8.0 yet, but this is what I
do for 7.3:

To test new screens, text, etc, I do the following:

1.  if testing a language other than english, I do:
    cd po; make

2.  then I just run my textw/myscreen.py script.

I've added the following code at the bottom of myscreen.py to enable testing.
Depending on what args my screen takes, I change this test script
appropriately.  I just cut&paste the getCatalog stuff; there might be easier
ways to do it.



if __name__ == "__main__":
   def gettext(str):
       if cat.has_key(str):
            return cat[str]
            return str

   def getCatalog(lang):
       if lang == "en": return {}
       from gettext_rh import _StrToInt
       import gzread
       import translate

       fname = "../po/%s.mo" % (lang,)
       f = gzread.open(fname)
       buffer = f.read()
       revision = _StrToInt(buffer[4:8])
       nstrings = _StrToInt(buffer[8:12])
       origTabOffset = _StrToInt(buffer[12:16])
       transTabOffset = _StrToInt(buffer[16:20])
       cat = {}
       for i in range(nstrings):
            origLength = _StrToInt(buffer[origTabOffset:
            origOffset = _StrToInt(buffer[origTabOffset+4:
            origTabOffset = origTabOffset + 8
            origStr = buffer[origOffset:origOffset+origLength]

            transLength = _StrToInt(buffer[transTabOffset:
            transOffset = _StrToInt(buffer[transTabOffset+4:
            transTabOffset = transTabOffset + 8
            transStr = buffer[transOffset:transOffset+transLength]

            cat[origStr] = transStr
       global _
       _ = gettext
       return cat

   from instdata import InstallData

   # change language for testing
   lang = "fr"
   #lang = "en"

   cat = getCatalog(lang)

   screen = SnackScreen()

   form = MyWindow()
   id = InstallData(None, None, None, "/tmp")

   res = MyWindow.__call__(form, screen, id, None)

Tony Clayton            	
tony_clayton mitel com		Tel: +1 (613) 592-2122 x2507
SME Solutions Group		Fax: +1 (613) 592-1175
Mitel Networks Corporation      www.mitel.com 

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