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Re: How to check dependencies ?

--- xhtech <xhtech sina com> wrote:
> Hi !
>   Recently I am working on customizing redhat9 cds(
> or exactly redhat9 cd ).
>   I found that many rpms in redhat9 are useless for
> me, so I want to get these
>   rpms out of the installation cd, thus to make a
> "thin" distro out of original
>   redhat9 distro, exactly in only one cd.
>   Now I have a problem. How to check the
> dependencies of a group of rpm files
>   to make sure that they are OK to form a distro?
>   For example, all the rpm files I decided to put in
> the "thin" distro are in
>   /home/xh/rpms/, now I need a script to check the
> dependencies between them
>   to make sure that there is not any dependency
> problems.
>   I found that it was difficult for me.
>   I try to use verifyDeps() in comps.py of anaconda
> package, but it is so complicated,
>   I couldn't understand it.
>   Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
>   Thank you.
>   Xu Hao, Beijing

Maybe this site will help there is a method near the
middle which syas how to find out the dependicies and
how to remove the packages you do not want



Arindam Dey

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