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Re: various anaconda observations

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, Patrick Devine wrote:

> I spent the better part of the weekend pulling apart RH9.0 anaconda and 
> I jotted down some notes and I'm wondering if anyone else has taken a look 
> at some of these areas.
> .  Why no graphical url/ftp installation?
>    I noticed that there still is no way of doing a graphical ftp or http 
> based install.  The netstg1.img file has been renamed netstg2.img (which 
> makes a lot more sense) but there still is no provision for doing a 
> graphical network install except via nfs (and I guess this is since 
> it uses stage2.img).  There shouldn't be that many technical issues about 
> getting this to work correctly, so did it just fall off the radar at Red 
> Hat?

Tecnical issue: Where's it going to put the installer's filesystem? With
NFS, it cn mount the filesystem via NFS.

> . Crosscompilation?
>   I've been trying to get the loader to cross compile from RH7.2 for 
> RH9.0, but the Makefiles are a bit of a mess.  Has anyone else attempted 
> to do this?  For the most part I've just been unarchiving each of the 
> -devel-* packages which I need and building a RH9.0 cross compilation tree 
> (although I'm keeping each of the packages seperate and using explicit -I 
> and -L directives).  So far the only real hang-ups I've had that are the 
> gettext and bogl binaries are dynamically linked against the wrong glibc 
> so I pulled those apart and I was going to statically link them and put 
> them back in but haven't finished yet.  Oh, that and I'm still 
> building loader against libc and not dietlibc until I get everything working.  
> After a lot of Makefile-foo I ended up getting isys to compile with 
> dietlibc correctly and tested it out in a VM running 9.0 and it seemed to 
> work fine, so it'll probably only take me a bit longer to get loader 
> working as well (hopefully).

Note that it's Red Hat Linux 9, not 9.0. Calling it 9.0 implies there
will be a 9.1, and I'm offering London to a brick there won't be.

Install RHL 9 on a computer. Back it up using (maybe) tar.
Restart it somewhere into a directory on your workstation, maybe into
To do you work,
chroot /var/local/RedHat/9

If you want, you can start daemons and X in there. X offering a login
screen could be handy. To do that, you might want a second IP. If so,
configure (maybe) eth0:0 outside the chroot environment.

This will give you the appearance of running RHL 7.3 and RHL 9
simultaneously on the one computer.

If you install RHL 9 on the same computer, you don't need to use tar to
transfer the filesystem: simply mount it in (maybe) /var/local/RedHat/9.

I use some of this to give me a Debian environment on RHL 7,3,

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