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Re: various anaconda observations

On Tue, 3 Jun 2003, John wrote:

> > Yes, you're probably right.  Leave it to Red Hat to get rid of a perfectly 
> > good numbering scheme.  I've been using RHL since 3.0.3 though so I guess 
> Ditto. I've decided RH has left me, and I'm moving to Debian.

hmmm -- you guys would skip watching a movie, simply because 
the leading lady tinted her hair, as well, I'd guess  <grin>  

It's just a number. Respect RH, instead, for making it clear
that binary compatability is _not_ clean and RHL 9 is a big
step from RHL 8 with the NPTL changes.  

> Install with --nodeps;-)

Anyone who does so without being able to predict the effects,
has the pleasure of figuring out why something seems hosed
later.  It turns out not to be necessary -- but as John has
been saying for six month's on Red Hat sponsored lists about
Red Hat releases and tools, that he is moving to Debian, I
guess it doesn't matter <gentle smile>.

> Exactly. Besides, you get to run the wrong version of rpm. Can rpm from
> Valhalla install RHL 9 packages?

if rebuilt locally, certainly.  You can push rpm-4.1 back, 
presently, back to RHL 4 series -- but it is ugly.  
> > if Red Hat would fix their makefiles to make them more relocatable, 
> > although I guess it's probably not in their best interest to do so.

A filed Bugzilla talks, Reproduceable bugs against RawHide are
louder, and patches loudest of all, for it allows other
developer people to get to a workaround -- contrarywise,
carping walks.  Cite where you have filed a reproduceable
erroneous makefile, improvidently closed, and _then_ re-open
the issue.  I can and have I few I think are really braindead,
but by and large do not find this kind of error.
> It's also possible to use Anaconda (that's how RH folk test it) on a
> running system, but I'm not at all sure about running Anaconda 9 on
> Valhalla.

It is a tricky backport, scarcely worth the effort.  It is far
easier to backport needed pieces into the 'proper' anaconda
for a given point release.

-- Russ Herrold

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