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Re: various anaconda observations

On Mon, 2 Jun 2003, R P Herrold wrote:

> On Tue, 3 Jun 2003, John wrote:
> > > Yes, you're probably right.  Leave it to Red Hat to get rid of a perfectly 
> > > good numbering scheme.  I've been using RHL since 3.0.3 though so I guess 
> > 
> > Ditto. I've decided RH has left me, and I'm moving to Debian.
> hmmm -- you guys would skip watching a movie, simply because 
> the leading lady tinted her hair, as well, I'd guess  <grin>  

It's a bit deeper than that. As a user, I couldn't figure how to do
things I'd been doing for years. I'd have had terrible trouble
inflicting the new menus on Mrs S.

And there's this:
Errata Maintenance Policy  	5+ Years  	1 Year
Security and bug fixes  	3 years after next release  	6 months after
next release

See http://www.redhat.com/software/whichlinux.html.

There isn't a Red Hat Linux any more that suits me.

> It's just a number. Respect RH, instead, for making it clear
> that binary compatability is _not_ clean and RHL 9 is a big
> step from RHL 8 with the NPTL changes.  

Binary compatability is not a great concern to me. Having fixes for a
decent amount of time is, not having the UI borked is.

I don't have any use for the support offerings RH has.

> > Install with --nodeps;-)
> Anyone who does so without being able to predict the effects,

That's why the "rpm -Va --root." It identifies broken deps so you can
fix them.

> has the pleasure of figuring out why something seems hosed
> later.  It turns out not to be necessary -- but as John has
> been saying for six month's on Red Hat sponsored lists about
> Red Hat releases and tools, that he is moving to Debian, I
> guess it doesn't matter <gentle smile>.

It matters to me that the advice I offer is as sound as I can make it.
My first suggestion remains (or would, except for the NPTL changes of
which I know next to nothing) a sound way to achieve the ability to
build for RHL 9 while running RHL ^9.

If you want to get there w/o using Anaconda, then 'rpm --nodeps' and
'rpm -Va' will get you there, and faster than not using --nodeps.

As I pointed out, this has a possible problem with rpm, and I've just
hit on another possible path;-)

Presumably there's a sysadmin CD based on RHL 9 at ftp.redhat.de, just
as there has been for several past releases. Take this, use the
tar/untar trick (or similar) to get it onto the hard disk.

It still leaves you to deal with the NPTL changes: I've no idea how much
of a problem this represents.

If you can't get round that, then it's difficult to use RHL 7.x to build
for RHL 9.

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