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Re: Question on RedHat 9 Customized install CD

Dne Tuesday, 27. May. 2003 20:54 jamsda shumaker <jamsda_1 yahoo com> 
> Hello, does anybody know where a HOWTO is for building
> a customized RedHat 9 CD? I have found plenty of docs
> on building Redhat 7.2, and have made my own custom
> distributions successfully, but Redhat 9 seem's to
> have some major changes in the CD layout, and I
> haven't been able to re-update the hdlists.

I'd like to know it too. Because for internal use we need (here in our 
company) little bit customized RH9 install CDs. 

Could any more skilled user/member of this list write step by step 

I know about http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/RedHat-CD-HOWTO/index.html but I'm 
afraid it cannot be applied to RH9 anymore.

with regards
		Systinet Corporation

> Thanks,
> Jim

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