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RE: Updated build_distro scripts.

  I really want to see your scripts. But I cannot connect to http://www.tuxfan.homeip.net.
  Can you put it somewhere else or email it to me ? I really want to see them.

  X.H. Beijing

 >I've finally gotten around to updating my build_distro scripts for Red Hat 
 >Linux 9. Using them, you can create an updated build tree and make new 
 >installer images. The scripts now work with Red Hat Linux 7.2|7.3|8.0|9
 >o variables.sh defines everything used by the other scripts.
 >o check_dups.sh checks for duplicate updates in the updates directory.
 >o update_rpms.sh creates an updated build tree, hardlinking the rpm
 >	packages.
 >o voodoo_magic.sh runs the anaconda tools to rebuild the images.
 >o makeimages.sh builds the new ISO files.
 >o README attempts to explain it all. ;)
 >The scripts aren't pretty, but do work.
 >Also included are 2 patches, one against mk-images, and the other against 
 >splitdistro. Neither is applied by the scripts. Hopefully I've credited 
 >the proper people in the README, as the patch details were taken from 
 >various posts on this list. (The patches aren't required, they just avoid 
 >some otherwise worrysome output.)
 >- -- 
 >- -Michael

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