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RE: RH9 minimum installation CD

I tried to make a mini distribution out of redhat9 but failed.
I deleted many rpms I didn't want, and modified the comps.xml
After buildinstall, my stage2.img is only 56M, much smaller than
the original redhat9 stage2.img. Maybe I deleted some important rpms
that buildinstall need them to build stage2.img or hdstg1.img.

when I try haddrive install, the error message is:

Could not find platform independent libraries
consider using $PYTHONHOME to [:]
'import site' failed: use -v to traceback
Tracdback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/anaconda", line 28, in ?
import sys, os
ImportError: No module names os
Install exit abnormally


 >Hello all,
 >I need a couple of days before I could create my first own customized 
 >installation CD, based on RH 7.3. Now I have new hardware and the CD 
 >doesn't work anymore.
 >So I decided to make a RH9 Installation CD, but it is much more 
 >difficult for me. I am still working with RH 7.3 and it seems there is 
 >no way to run all needed scripts.
 >Has no one develop a script, RPMS as parameter and comps.xml and hdlist 
 >as result? That would be fine :-)
 >The old way was easier, collect the needed RPMs, edit the comps file, 
 >delete some lines, include some lines, run genhdlist, ready. I think I 
 >must invest much more time or is there a simple explanation with example 
 >for a mimum server system?

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