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Re: including SUN java packages

Stas Goshtein wrote:
Need your knowledge and help with including SUN java RPM packages in the
instalation tree of RHAS 2.1(Anaconda 7.2).
Everything goes fine with those two packages till I'm trying to split
the contents with splitdistro.

[root anaconda root]# /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splitdistro --fileorder
/redhat/pkgorder.txt /redhat i386
Traceback (innermost last):
~ File "/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splitdistro", line 140, in ?
~ binPkgList.append(packages[pkg])
KeyError: j2re-1.4.1_02-fcs

I'm not a programmer, so looking at the code didn't helped me much.
Though as I suppose it's going wrong cause of "underline" in the
package  name. I tried to rename the file itself, but the script
probably reading the contents, so it doesn't help. There are no source
packages of those, so I can't rebuild them with normal names.

If it is impossible to include those in the tree, so please let me know
how can I include those in the second disk and what I need to write in
the ks.cfg to install them in the %post.

Does j2re-1.4.1_02-fcs show up in /redhat/pkgorder.txt? You probably need to run genhdlist first, and you could put it in the comps if you want them install with the other packages.


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