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RE: [Q] chmod: command not found error d

 >I added my program RPM file to RedHat/RPMS directory and modified comps.xml file.
 >When I install this custom install CD, there are some errors.
 >Error messages in the /mnt/sysimage/root/install.log file are as follows;
 >Installing myprogram-0.1-1.
 >/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.24351: line 1: chmod: command not found
 >/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.24351: line 2: ln: command not found
 >/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.24351: line 3: chown: command not found
 >/var/tmp/rpm-tmp.24351: line 4: chmod: command not found
 >I found these commands(chmod, ln, chown etc.) in /usr/bin directory. but install scripts can't find it.
 >The %post script of myprogram.spec fils are as follows:
 >chmod 755 /etc/rc.d/init.d/myprogram
 >ln -s /usr/local/myprogram/bin/myprogram /usr/sbin/myprogram
 >chown ...
 >chmod ...
 >But another RPMS are installed successfully.
 >I think I can't use absolute path(/usr/bin/ln etc.) because the path of common linux is "/bin".
 >what is the problem?

 What is the name of your program rpm? It should not start with an uppercase character.
 Anaconda will sometimes first install those packages whose names start with an 
 uppercase character, for example, MySQL-***.rpm. I think that when anaconda installs 
 your program rpm, the coreutils rpm( contains chmod, ln, etc ) has not been installed
 Have you declared in your spec file that your rpm "PreRequrie coreutils"? I think this will
 tell anaconda to install this rpm after coreutils.

 Hope this helps.

 X.H. Beijing


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