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Re: including SUN java packages

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Sorry, forgot to tell ya, I've genarated hdlist and putted it in the comps , so even network installa works fine. After that I've performed buildinstall with --pkgorder flag, which seems to be finished without any errors, except regular mkfontdir.

Taylor, ForrestX wrote:

| Stas Goshtein wrote:
|> Need your knowledge and help with including SUN java RPM packages in the
|> instalation tree of RHAS 2.1(Anaconda 7.2).
|> j2sdk-1_4_1_02-fcs-linux-i586.rpm
|> j2re-1_4_1_02-fcs-linux-i586.rpm
|> Everything goes fine with those two packages till I'm trying to split
|> the contents with splitdistro.
|> [root anaconda root]# /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splitdistro --fileorder
|> /redhat/pkgorder.txt /redhat i386
|> Traceback (innermost last):
|> ~ File "/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/splitdistro", line 140, in ?
|> ~ binPkgList.append(packages[pkg])
|> KeyError: j2re-1.4.1_02-fcs
|> I'm not a programmer, so looking at the code didn't helped me much.
|> Though as I suppose it's going wrong cause of "underline" in the
|> package name. I tried to rename the file itself, but the script
|> probably reading the contents, so it doesn't help. There are no source
|> packages of those, so I can't rebuild them with normal names.
|> If it is impossible to include those in the tree, so please let me know
|> how can I include those in the second disk and what I need to write in
|> the ks.cfg to install them in the %post.
| Does j2re-1.4.1_02-fcs show up in /redhat/pkgorder.txt? You probably need to run genhdlist first, and you could put it in the comps if you want them install with the other packages.
| Forrest

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