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Re: Error running anaconda

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Try installing using text-mode, in a boot menu, write "linux text"

pinnolo tin it wrote:

|I tried to install Red Hat 9.0 on my Compaq Presario 2500, but when the loader
|ask me to test the media, I was unable to press the enter key, because in
|Linux the keyboard doesn't work until the X serves is started.
|This wasn't a problem with Red Hat 8.0, because the loader run the X server
|and didn't ask for nothing to do. Can we send me a loader that doesn't ask
|to test the media before start the installation?
|I tried to use the Red Hat 8.0 loader, but it says: "this loader doesn' match
|your CD version" (or so...).
|I tried to recompile the loader, but ld returns an "error 2".
|At the moment I'm using WindowsXP (AHHHHH!!!!!!), because I was unable to
|install Linux.
|Please, help me, or I have to use WindowsXP (AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!).
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