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Re: Help me!

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I think I saw somewhere on the RH site, that there is a way to bypass CD tests with giving some option in the commnd line, try browsing around the RH support site. Good luck

pinnolo tin it wrote:

|I sayd that I was unable to press the skip button (that ask to check the
|media or not) because my keyboard doesn't work until X is started.
|If i type 'linux text' I can't do nothing, because at the first text-mode
|window (blue background, red buttons...) I can't press nothing, because my
|keyboard doesn't work. I tried with an external keyboard, but the problem
|is still.
|I need a loader that doesn't ask me nothing, but NOTHING.
|I tried to compile it myself but i can't compile it.
|Could you compile a loader that doesn't ask NOTHING, and go directly to:
|Running Anacond, the linux installer...
|Anaconda-devel-list mailing list
|Anaconda-devel-list redhat com

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