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Re: Help me!

this is tremendously simple.
Use kickstart installation.
You can use ks.cfg file to supply answers to all installation questions, or
to some of them.
Any installation question that you answered in the ks.cfg file won't be
prompted to the user.

You can easily change syslinux.cfg to automatically perform KS installation,
by adding something like:  "ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg" (without the quotes) at the
'append' command, of your desired installation.

BTW, I am using WindowsXP and it is not such a bad thing.  However, you just
need to pay for it. :-)


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Sent: Thursday, June 12, 2003 4:53 PM
Subject: Help me!

> I need help!
> I need a version of loader (for Red Hat 9.0 installation) that doesn't ask
> to check the media before install linux, because my keyboard doesn't work
> until anaconda and X server is started. I can't compile loader because ld
> returns errors, gcc return errors, and make returns errors too.
> Please, help me or I have to use WindosxXP forever.
> Send me the file (loader) at: pinnolo tin it 
> Thank you!!!
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