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Re: Anaconda to install onto other partition...

On Mon, 16 Jun 2003, Adam Haberlach wrote:

> 	We've got a bunch of machines deployed with RedHat 7.1 and we are
> going to be moving them to an 8.0-based platform.  Because of the nature
> of the upgrade, we would like to effectively re-install the entire system
> and then move over the data from the old installation to the new one.
> I will need to do this remotely and reliably for 10-20 systems.
> 	Luckily, we've installed all those "old" systems with an additional
> partition pre-allocated.
> 	I would like to know if it is possible for me to run anaconda or
> some varient of it from a RedHat 7.1 system and have install a RedHat
> 8 system onto another device.
> 	Now that I think about it, I should be able to lay down a basic
> tarball/anaconda image, chroot to it, and then let the normal
> installer take it from there.
> 	Has anyone done this, or does anyone have any tips on how to make
> this work?

I presume a major reason that you're doing this is because of the
approaching end-of-life of RHL 7.x. If so, you should note that moving
to RHL 8.0 doesn't buy you much time.

I'm not keen on the idea of remote installation, because something is
likely to go wrong, and if it does then repairing it may be difficult.

If you can prepare a CD that can be booted by someone local and which
will either connect to you or allow you to connect it it, whether by
dial-up or via the Internet, then you can cover the most likely problems.

If the CD contains the filesystem you want to install on those systems,
then you're in even better shape: you simply have someone boot the CD
and then you go to it.


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