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Re: From where anaconda gets images of release notes? RH9

As far as I knoe wanaconda uses images built during buildinstall process. SO you probably need to install src.rpm of anaconda , make the changes in the source and then, after recompiling it, to put it in the build source tree.

Zdenek Pizl wrote:

Dne Tuesday, 17. June. 2003 14:38 Alain TAUCH <alain tauch thalesatm com> napsal(a):

Maybe I have missed something :(

maybe you missed the good ones, there are many folders
for these pictures and rnotes/*.png are only used if
rnotes/xxx-install-lang-xxx/*.png are not present.

:) as I wasn't sure how it works (anaconda) I delete all LANG subdirectories and did symbolic links to the currdir (ln -s . de or example).

Cannot be possible that anaconda uses images from a rpm package ?


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