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Re: Kickstart on CD

I've built the installation images, but when trying to install with kickstart from CD using "linux ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg" the installation goes to text and asking for the installation method again. When trying to answer CD-ROM it writes, that RedHat Linux CD could not be found in the drive. Same CD is starting regular installation without any problem.

Cipriano Groenendal wrote:

Hello, guys,
I've got two more questions for now :

1. How can I use ks.cfg , that will reside in the root of first
(bootable) CD?

start the installer with ks=cdrom:/ks.cfg

2. What will be the path to use with rpm -ivh in the %post section to
install packages which reside on /actona directory in the root of CD?

You can't access the CD from the normal %post section. You'll need two
seperate %post sections. One before and one after the chroot.

For the exact syntax you can search the list archive for /mnt/sysimage or
%post --nochroot. it's come by a number of times :)


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