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chrooted anaconda install


We have custom boot-cd, with a totaly non redhat kernel and /
those boot-cd give me network+disk drivers on any machine we have.
>From those boot CD, i try to start an ananconda redhat install,
and sofar results are not 100% satisfactory :

1- i boot from my custom CD, 
2- NFS mount the content of 
stage2.img into a /KS directory
3- do some mount -o bind to build a suitable root directory for anaconda
(/proc, /dev, /tmp...)
4- NFS mount a copy of the 3 install disks under /KS/DISKS
5- ask the enduser some questions, guess some answer, and put a suitable
kickstart.cfg in /KS
6- start anaconda in this chrooted env by :
chroot /KS /usr/bin/anaconda  --kickstart  /tmp/anaconda.cfg --text -m

Step 3 is not easy, because i don't know what anaconda will use/expect
in it's chroot filesystem... For example, it needs a valid /etc/mtab
( which i made link to /KS/proc/mounts, KS/proc beeing a bind-mount
from the real /proc). 

Currently everything is working on an ide-based Pc. However, on a
scsi-based Pc, the /boot/initrdXXXYYYZZZ is not corectley generated
by the postinstall script of the kernel rpm... 

Debugging this seems to be a nightmare and i'd like to know
how to find the root filesystem on which stage2.img is loaded during 
the standard CDROM install.. is there a stage1.img somewhre ?
What are hdstg2.img and netstg2.img  ?

Any thoughts on our approach ?

Nicolas Turro <Nicolas Turro sophia inria fr>

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