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Re: From where anaconda gets images of release notes? RH9

Yes, the buildinstall scripts re-extract everything from the rpms in the
build directory.  They do not use anything (other than cpio and other
such commands) from the machine you are building the iso's on.  Which 
means you can build 8.0 iso's on a 9 machine, etc.

Jim Wildman, CISSP, RHCE                                jim rossberry com

On Tue, 17 Jun 2003, Zdenek Pizl wrote:

> Dne Tuesday, 17. June. 2003 14:38 Alain TAUCH <alain tauch thalesatm com> 
> napsal(a):
> > > Maybe I have missed something :(
> >
> > maybe you missed the good ones, there are many folders
> > for these pictures and rnotes/*.png are only used if
> > rnotes/xxx-install-lang-xxx/*.png are not present.
> :) as I wasn't sure how it works (anaconda) I  delete all LANG subdirectories 
> and did symbolic links to the currdir (ln -s . de or example).
> Cannot be possible that anaconda uses images from a rpm package ?
> z.p.
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