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removing 'redhat' from anaconda

hello 2 all,

i've just joined this list.. so please forgive me if
this subject has already come up.... i've tried
searching thru the archives, but found nothing.

i've successfully shrinked the 3-CD RH 7.3 Set
to a single CD with only the rpms i want
(non graphical and with kickstart on the
cd itself to auto install from start to end).
now i want to redo the same thing -- but with the 
name "redhat" removed altogether... during
installation and after installation. this will also
involve changing the directory structure of the
installation CD. the obvious reason is that redhat
does not want its distribution to be redistributed
with its trademarks.

any1 here has already done such a thing ? any
pointers or suggestions will be of gr8 help.



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