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Re: removing 'redhat' from anaconda

On Tue, 2003-06-24 at 09:03, Satsco wrote:
> hello 2 all,
> i've just joined this list.. so please forgive me if
> this subject has already come up.... i've tried
> searching thru the archives, but found nothing.
> i've successfully shrinked the 3-CD RH 7.3 Set
> to a single CD with only the rpms i want
> (non graphical and with kickstart on the
> cd itself to auto install from start to end).
> now i want to redo the same thing -- but with the 
> name "redhat" removed altogether... during
> installation and after installation. this will also
> involve changing the directory structure of the
> installation CD. the obvious reason is that redhat
> does not want its distribution to be redistributed
> with its trademarks.

	Take a look at stage2.img, which is a cramfs img, where the installer
is (anaconda). You need to modify code inside this img (Python), to make
a thing like: cd1/cool_distro/RPMS/... instead of cd1/RedHat/RPMS/...:)
Also, take a look at bootdisk.img where the >> loader << program is that
before starting says something like "Greetings... RedHat init ...".
Loader source is in C code. Also, pay attention at .discinfo and
..buildstamp files, and do not leave any RedHat logos (or you're busted:)

	This helps?

"This is it... This is where I belong..."

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