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Re: removing 'redhat' from anaconda

--- Vladimir Djokic <vladeck sezampro yu> wrote:
> 	Hi,
> 	Take a look at stage2.img, which is a cramfs img,
> where the installer
> is (anaconda). You need to modify code inside this
> img (Python), to make
> a thing like: cd1/cool_distro/RPMS/... instead of
> cd1/RedHat/RPMS/...:)
> Also, take a look at bootdisk.img where the >>
> loader << program is that
> before starting says something like "Greetings...
> RedHat init ...".
> Loader source is in C code. Also, pay attention at
> .discinfo and
> ..buildstamp files, and do not leave any RedHat
> logos (or you're busted:)
> 	This helps?
> 	Vladimir.

Hello 2 all,

thanx Vladimir for your reply and suggestions. I shall
try them today. 

Meanwhile .. what i've been trying since the past two
days is that i've downloaded the source rpm of
anaconda and changed every instance of redhat to
satsco, RedHat to Satsco, 'Red Hat' to 'Sat Sco' and
so on.... then i rebuilt the rpms .. installed the new
anaconda and anaconda-runtime rpms and then did a
buildinstall over my directory tree. 
(buildinstall --pkgorder /path/to/pkgorder.txt --comp
dist-7.3 --version 7.3 /path/to/mydistro/i386)

buildinstall successfully completes, creating the new
images. (hdstg1.img, netstg1.img, stage2.img). I have
also run genhdlist (genhdlist /path/to/mydistro/i386)
to recreate the hdlist files)

but, when i run anaconda (with test, text & kickstart
options), i get the following error lines --

Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/usr/sbin/anaconda", line 633, in ?
    intf.run(id, dispatch, configFileData)
line 427, in run
line 144, in gotoNext
line 209, in moveStep
    rc = apply(func, self.bindArgs(args))
line 893, in writeBootloader
    justConfigFile, intf)
line 744, in write
    justConfig | (self.useGrubVal))
line 645, in writeLilo
    config.write(instRoot + self.configfile, perms =
line 164, in write
    f = open(file, "w")
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
-> f = open(file, "w")

where am i going wrong ?

Thanx in Advance.

warm regards 2 all,

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