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Re: Modifications to stage2.img Give Errors

On Wed, 2003-06-25 at 22:39, William R. Lorenz wrote:
> All,
> I'm working to replace the /usr/sbin/probe image within the stage2.img RH9
> installation file with a shell script that doesn't probe things.  This is
> required to get RH9 to install clean to a UML virtualization.  In doing
> this, I've repackaged stage2.img and placed it on an NFS mount within the
> RH9 structure ('RedHat/base/stage2.img'); however, the installer gives me
> an error message stating, "The Red Hat Linux installation tree in that
> directory does not seem to match your installation media."  In the
> console, I can see '* after mountStage2, rc is -1' and '* not the right
> one'.  Where is this return code coming from?  Is there an MD5 checksum
> that is being used to validate the stage2.img or files w/in the image?

	Did you pay attention at files that begin with >> . << (hidden)?
Contents of .buildstamp and .discinfo must be the samo, or the installer
will report that it isn't a RH distro.

	This helps?

"This is it... This is where I belong..."

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