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Re: FW: Boot.img

--- "Kornfeld Rick (sys1rak)" <sys1rak ups com> wrote:
> Hello


> What I would like help on is how do I take our
> KS.CFG file and incorporate
> it into the BOOT.IMG on our CD. That way when a user
> creates a boot disk
> from our custom CD's the KS.CFG file is already on
> the diskette and there is
> no need to manually copy it.


simply copy the ks.cfg file into the initrd.img file
(you will find the initrd.img file within the boot.img
file). you will need to change syslinux.cfg --> add 
"append ks=file:/ks.cfg initrd=initrd.img" below
"kernel vmlinuz"

Here are the steps to add your ks.cfg file into
initrd.img --

to mount the initrd.img, first gunzip it 
--> gunzip -9 -S .img initrd.img
(this will unzip the file into initrd)
then mount it 
--> mount -o loop initrd /path/to/mount/directory
copy the ks.cfg into the root of this mount directory
and umount the mount directory.
--> umount /path/to/mount/directory
create the img file again 
--> gzip -9 -S .img initrd
place the initrd.img file back into boot.img and thats
it ! work done !!

I know this works on RH7.3, i'm pretty sure it will
work on AS2.1 too.


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