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Re: install from custom CD : error RHL CD was not found in your CDROM

Brett Schwarz wrote:

When booting from the CD it starts the installation nicely.  However, when
it reaches "Installation Method" and I select "CDROM" it claims that none of
my CDROM devices contain RHL CD and refuse to install.
You may need the .discinfo file. For RH8.0 you did not need this
file...I explicitly tested that, but perhaps RH9 has become more strict.

This explains a lot. I had similar problems with rh9 at work. After copying this hidden file everything works once again.

Could you also elaborate on what modifications you had to make to the
procedure for RH9? Perhaps one of the modifications may help us
determine the cause...

Our approach is not as complex as your manual, since we only add a kickstart file to the cd. But nowadays, with all these changes in the redhat installer, this is just to much work for less than 50 clients.

Mario Manno

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